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nick scali replica & designer furniture

Nick Scali Online is an initiative from Nick Scali that offers a different collection of replica furniture online that is famous in design, convenient and inexpensive. The Nick Scali Online range is designed to work with and complement existing modern furniture in one’s home, café or office. The collection includes retro furniture designs that date back to the 1950s and exclusively designed products for Nick Scali.

See our specials for great furniture ideas. Our range includes replica dining and lounge chairs, stools and tables.

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  • inspired by: Charles and Ray Eames
     Charles and Ray Eames

    Charles and Ray Eames are among the most important American designers of this century. Their reputation precedes them and it is very likely you have come across their furniture designs at one time or another. They are best known for their groundbreaking contributions to architecture, furniture design (e.g., the Eames Chair), industrial design and manufacturing, and the photographic arts.

    Nick Scali Online offers a large selection of Replica Eames Chairs & Tables that come in a variety of colours and coverings to suit most budgets and tastes.

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  • inspired by: Anna Ferrieri
    Anna Ferrieri

    Italian architect and industrial designer Anna Castelli Ferrieri studied architecture at Milan Polytechnic, and in 1943 married Giulio Castelli. Renown for her clean plastic shelving and stackable storage units, over the years Anna Castelli Ferrieri has been achieved many notable awards and has been labelled a true leader in design for the home.

    Nick Scali Online offers the Ferrieri Storage Units in both black and white. The Ferrieri Storage Unit makes the perfect bedside storage for kids rooms, rumpus rooms and other minimal applications.

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  • inspired by: Antonio Citterio
    Antonio Citterio

    Antonio Citterio was born in Meda in 1950 and now lives and works in Milan. After graduating from architecture at the Politecnico of Milan and from 1972 he has since worked for renown manufacturers like Vitra, Flexform and Kartell. Citterio has been the receipient of many design awards over the years, his great taste and creative design is apparent in all of his works.

    Nick Scali Online offers the Replica Antonii Citterio Bar Stools in yellow, white, red or black. The stools are adjustable in height and swivel.

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  • inspired by: Eero Saarinen
    Eero Saarinen

    Graduating from the School of Architecture at Yale University in 1934, Saarinen went on to create abstract buildings and unique pieces of furniture. It wasn’t until he and Charles Eames won first prize in the Museum of Modern Art’s Organic Design in Home Furnishings competition in 1940, for the Organic chair,that he was taken seriously as a furniture designer.

    Nick Scali Online offers a wide range of Replica Eero Saarinen Tulip Tables & Chairs. The tables come with marble tops in two sizes.

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  • inspired by: Eileen Gray
    Eileen Gray

    For a large part of her career, Eileen Gray (1878-1976) was regarded as one of the most influential woman in her field. After moving to Paris in the 1920s, she turned to interior and industrial design, creating some pieces that are now globally recognised. Her work inspired both modernism and Art Deco.

    The Eileen Gray Adjustable Side Table is one of her more popular designs. Nick Scali's Replica version of the table offers an adjustable height mechanism that may suit residing next to a lounge, occasional chair or bed.

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  • inspired by: George Nelson
    George Nelson

    George Nelson (1908-1986) was, with the likes of Charles & Ray Eames, one of the founding fathers of American modernism. Nelson was often thought of as "The Creator of Beautiful and Practical Things".

    Of all the George Nelson's designs, Nick Scali Online offers theReplica George Nelson Sunburst Clock, Replica George Nelson Ball Clock, and the Replica George Nelson Bench.

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  • inspired by: Hans Wegner
    Hans Wegner

    Strikingly Danish, Hans Wegner (1914-2007) epitomises Danish furniture design. Creating countless chairs like the Wishbone, Plank and Shell chair, Wegners furniture was received with great appluase during the 20th century.

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  • inspired by: Harry Bertoia
    Harry Bertoia

    Harry Bertoia was born in 1915 in the small village of San Lorenzo, Italy. After enrolling and studying at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1937 he rubbed shoulders with many influential designers including Charles Eames and Florence Knoll.

    Bertoia's designs are often influenced by his jewelry making background, in particular the Replica Bertoia Side Chair, Replica Diamond Chair and the Replica Bertoia Bar Stool are all characterised by their chrome and steel look.

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  • inspired by: Isamu Noguchi
    Isamu Noguchi

    Isamu Noguchi (1904–1988) was one of the twentieth century’s most important and critically acclaimed sculptors. Through a lifetime of artistic experimentation, he created sculptures, gardens, furniture and lighting designs, ceramics, architecture, and set designs. His work, at once subtle and bold, traditional and modern, set a new standard for the reintegration of the arts.

    The Nick Scali Online Replica Noguchi Coffee Table has a 19mm glass top and a 40mm width wooden base. Be warned not all Replica versions in the market place are made to this same quality standard.

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  • inspired by: Jasper Morrison
    Jasper Morrison

    Born in London, Morrison attended the Royal College of Art where he was influenced by a number of designers from Italy for their conceptual approach to design. Morrison was awarded designer of the year at the Paris Design Fair in 2000.

    The simple soft contours that is present in much of Morrison's work are also found in theNick Scali Online Replica Morrison Air Chair.

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  • inspired by: Jean Prouve
    Jean Prouve

    Jean Prouvé was born in Paris in 1901, and trained as a metal artisan under some of the best teachers in the city. Much of his furniture design is characterised by his goal of uniting functional requirements, an honest use of materials and economical concerns, with the complexities and demands of mass production.

    The Jean Prouvé range of Replica Chairs and Tables is a practical choice for those looking for something clean and simple.

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  • inspired by: Marco Maran
    Marco Maran

    Yet another brilliant designer born out of Italy, Marco Maran graduated from the Florence School of Architecture. Since then he has become a truly unique designer, winning many awards and becoming famous for certain products like the 'Hoop Stool'.

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  • inspired by: Marco Pocci and Claudio Dondoli
    Marco Pocci and Claudio Dondoli

    After meeting at the School of Architecture in Florence Pocci and Dondoli opened a studio in 1983. It is from this studio many of their creations are brought to life.

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  • inspired by: Mario Bellini
    Mario Bellini

    Born in Milan, Bellini had very early international success. Highlights include a personal retrospective exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art of New York and remarkable sets of work designed for Olivetti.

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  • inspired by: Michael Thonet
    Michael Thonet

    The son of a master tanner Michael Thonet was a German-Austrian cabinet maker during the 19th Century. After developing the Nr. 1 chair, Thonet continually modified and developed his processes until the Nr.14 chair or 'Bentwood Chair' was finalised. This chair is now an icon across cafes and bars throughout the world.

    To suit today's resources and conditions, the Nick Scali Online Replica Bentwood Chair has been constructed from powedercoated galvanised steel to assure long term durability.

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  • inspired by: Norman Cherner
    Norman Cherner

    A pioneer both in molded plywood and prefab housing, Norman Cherner studied and taught at the Columbia University Fine Arts Department and was an instructor at the Museum of Modern Art in New York from 1947 to 1949. Cherner is best known for the molded plywood seating line he created for Plycraft, a manufacturing company in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

    The contoured lines and shaping of the Replica Cherner Chair are best appreciated when sitting on the chair where the user can appreciate the comfortable laminated form of the design and wood.

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  • inspired by: Patricia Urquiola
    Patricia Urquiola

    Patricia Urquiola was born in Oviedo, Spain, and currently lives and works in Milan. She studied at the faculty of Architecture at the Madrid Politecnico and at Politecnico di Milano. Urquiola has received prizes including Designer of the Year, Elle Decor International Design Awards, Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award, and the Design Prize Cologne.

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  • inspired by: Pepé Cortés
    Pepé Cortés

    Born in Barcelona in 1946, Cortés from the Open Design Group in 1970, where he worked on a range of extensive architectural and interior design projects. Not necessarily known for his furniture work, he continues to work on interior design architectural services and exhibitions around the world.

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  • inspired by: Philippe Starck
    Philippe Starck

    Arguably one of the most famous and successful designer in the world. His ability to conceive innovative, aesthetically pleasing and quirky products from all areas of one's life is phenomenal. Philippe Starck epitomises the idea of clean creativity, known to lock himself in an isolated destination for months at a time with little more than a pen and paper.

    The Replica Starck Victoria Ghost Chair, Replica Louis Ghost Chair and Replica Ghost Stools have become household favourites around the world.

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  • inspired by: Verner Panton
    Verner Panton

    Vener Panton was born in Denmark in 1926 and is now regarded as one of Denmark's most influential designers. Panton's products were very '60s' with bright, funky and innovative designs used and a variety of materials especially plastic in exotic colours. His products have recently made a signficant come back in the 21st Century and the most well-known models are now as popular as ever.

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  • inspired by: Rondolfo Dordoni
    Rondolfo Dordoni

    Of Italian origins, Rondolfo Dordoni has worked with many leading furniture design companies including Flos, Minotti and Dolce & Cabanna.His industrial designs are renowned for their stylish functionality, and are recognised worldwide as premium designer pieces.

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